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Breakaway relay clips


 Relay clips were the beginning of the modern cascade rigs as now used in most trace designs.

They are still used in large numbers by rig makers as intermediate bait clips and as a cascade clip with an impact shield or lead as the master release.

They can also be used in up and over rigs.
Price: 1.05

gemini genie pulley clips


 Genie Pulley Clips are ideal for rigs that require a clip down snood that is longer than the main body. Placed high on the rig, the snood feeds up and over the pulley clip and down again to the bait. Designed to ensure the line is released everytime! This pulley clip is based on the Genie Bent Rig Clip, this pulley clip is particularly suitable for 'straight through' rigs where the clip takes the strain of a powerful cast.

Tying your own rigs is probably the most rewarding, relaxing and cost effective way of using rigs that suit your fishing, taking the fishing experience further than just fishing! But your rig will only be as good as the sum of it's parts, so why not give yourself the edge and use the best bits around!
Price: 2.25

Breakaway Cascade Swivels per 10 pack


Breakaway Cascade Swivels, in packs of 10, the original and still the best cascade swivel out there. You can find plenty of poor copies that are much cheaper, but you pay for what you get. We only use the originals as you would expect.

Price: 2.80

Breakaway IMPS Pre-assembled per 10 pack


Breakaway Imps Preassembled on the fast clips for immediate use. We know how much you all hate putting the Imps together, so we've done it for you. Standard 10 per pack.

Price: 3.70

Gemini Genie SRT Spring pk 10


Used on Clipped down rigs to help maintain tension and avoid snood stretch during the cast. The SRT Spring has been designed to reduce the stretch in the snood whilst under the pressure experienced during casting., helping to maintain the original length, cast after cast.

Each pack contains 10 springs, 20 Beads and 10 crimps. Instructions included on packaging.

Price: 1.75

Gemini Rig System - 10 Clip Down Booms with Bait Clip 200mm/20cm Booms


Gemini Genie Clip Down Booms with Bait Clip. Strong Stand-Off Booms for next to near tangle free rigs that can be cascaded and clipped down for distance casting. Note the Booms incorporate a Bait Clip to allow for the cascade.

Full assembly instructions supplied on rear or packaging, simply thread the required components onto a rig body and work from the bottom to the top setting each Spring as you go.

Best fished with light short snoods and small hooks. Snoods can be changed with speed and ease using a Gemini Clip.

Price: 2.50

Gemini Snood Clips per 10 pack


The latest clip is the small (18mm long - 0.8mm dia.) and strong snood clip, made from heat treated stainless steel. Designed for use on the end of the snood, the Genie Snood Clip allows you to make and use replacement or alternative snoods on your clip down rigs. Ideal for when the rig is fine but the hook is spent!
Price: 1.65

Breakaway Fastlinks


Breakaway Fastlinks, Fast links are one of the most popular quick change link or lead clips, safe and strong even with the most demanding casts. Add the breakaway of a Breakaway IMP the Fast Link turnings to a great streamlined bait clip which is also great for rotten bottom releases.
Price: 1.59

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