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Carp Starter Kit


Carp Starter Kit

All you need to get into Carp fishing

Included in this bundle:
- Unhooking mat
- Forceps
- Scissors
- Method Feeder and Mould
- Syntra Mainline
- Bite Alarm
- Bait Stops
- Safety Clips
- 2 x Hair rigs
- Glow in Dark Artificial Corn
- 2 x Back Lead
- Ledger Stops
- Baiting Needle Set
- Rig Tubing 
- Rear Rod Rest
- 3 x Ledger Weights 
- Method Feeder Cage 

All this would normally cost you nearly £70

In this deal you will get all this for £55 +P&P

And a FREE DVD  

Please note colours, sizes and brands may vary
Price: 55.00

Float Fishing Starter Kit


Float Fishing Starter Kit 

All you need to get into Float fishing.

Included in this Bundle:
- Catapult
- Neoglow Maggots
- Depth Plumb
- Syntra Mainline
- Forceps
- Scissors
- Pack of floats
- Disgorger
- Maggot Feeder
- Splitshot
- Butterfly Rod Rest
- Butt Rod Rest
- Artifical Corn
- 2 packs of Kamasan B911
- Maggot/Bait box

All this would normally cost you in excess of £45.

With this offer it is £35 + p&p

Please note colours, size and brands may vary
Price: 35.00

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