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breakaway back rest


 For years anglers have struggled along shingle beaches with boxes slung across one shoulder either slipping and sliding or slowly strangling there owner. Once you have arrived at your peg the best you have got is an uncomfortable box to sit on. 

The Breakaway Backrest conversion fits onto the most seat boxes the best one for the job is the Beta box but will fit the larger model (Team) box as well. 

Once fitted those long walks will be a pleasure as the carrying harness will hold the box onto the middle of your back and distribute the weight evenly leaving your hands free to carry your fish and other tackle. 

Very easy to fit.. Supplied with a template.
Price: 42.99

breakaway seat box cushion


 The comfy cushions are made to fit the Breakaway backrest. easy to fit ,made from strong nylon and well padded for extra comfort.velcro straps.Canbe added or taken off without removing backrest For the ultimate luxury buy a pair or one can be put on the bottom backrest for walking and the top for sitting.
Price: 12.99

imax 3 multi reel carrier


 A heavy duty padded reel case capable of holding three multiplier reels.
The padding gives the reels extra protection, there are removable padded dividers, a padded handle, and additional mesh dividers for accessories
Price: 15.99
Out of Stock

imax reel case multiplier


 Robust reel case designed to protect a multiplier reel whilst it is attached to a rod • Metal zip • Padded interior • Made from tough waterproof Neoprene
Price: 5.99
Out of Stock

imax bait cooler bag large


Imax cool Bag | Fishing Cool Bag | Large & Medium
Adjustable shoulder strap
Foam padded handle
3 compartments and a mesh front pocket
Padded interior
Made from tough Nylon based waterproof fabric
Fully lined with easy to clean padded foil

Price: 19.99
Out of Stock

imax session waist bag
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  • Adjustable belt strap
  • Insulated water bottle holder
  • Comes with a water bottle included
  • Padded interior
  • Made from tough Nylon based waterproof fabric
  • 2 foam hook pads included
  • 4 velcro attached lure tubes also included
Price: 39.99
Out of Stock

imax boat bag


Imax Boat Bag, Fishing Bags
100 percent waterproof with container style lining
Reinforced corners
Front rig wallet / accessory pocket
Comfortable strap
Oversized lid

Imax Boat Bag. Super rigid tackle bag. 100 percent waterproof with container style lining. Extremely lightweight - perfect when walking any distance. The Imax Bag has reinforced corners when fishing in rough / rocky locations. The bags protective corners makes it perfect for boat and rock fishing. Front rig wallet / accessory pocket. Comfortable strap. Oversized lid

Price: 79.99
Out of Stock

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