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Betaine Green Pellets 900g


Betaine Green Pellets 900g

Using Koi technology Swim Stim have been developed to attract carp into your swim without over feeding them. Giving carp a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet.

Available in:

Price: 3.99

Marine Halibut Pellets 900g


Marine Halibut Pellets

High protein and high energy pellet that is perfect for targeting specimen fish and any high feed situations. Containing premium fish oil and fish meal plus essential amino acids these pellets have a slow breakdown and will release a cloud of Marine Pellet attractants into your swim.

Available in:

16mm - (predrilled)
Price: 3.99

Frenzied Hempseed & Snail 700g


Frenzied Hempseed and Snails 700g

Unique process infuses specially selected snails with the irresistible attractiveness of hemp.

Can be used on Pole, hair rig, stick float, feeder

Snails 4mm
Price: 3.99

Ready to use Particles mix 3kg


Ready to use Particles 3kg

Unique preparation process ensures that PVA friendly Particles leak maximum sugar and oils into your swim, attracting carp from a wide area. Perfect for use in PVA bags and Stockings for accurate long range feeding or Spoding any distance.

Available in:

Natural Hemp
Chilli Hemp
Hemp and Maize
Particle Spod Mix
*Cloudy Spod Mix 2.5kg* - Comes with cloudy spod fish oil bottle inside

* Cloudy Spod Mix is not PVA friendly*
Price: 11.99

Frenzied Hempseed 700g


Frenzied Hemp Seed 700g

A unique cooking process that retains all the water soluble attractants.
Each grain of hemp seed is individually coated with a potent oily liquid.
Price: 3.99

Surface Distancce Baits Oily Hookers
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Specifically designed for surface fishing at range, the New Floating Distance Surface paste baits are easy to hook and mould around the shank ensuring that they say on even when at distance.

Being fishmeal based they give off stacks of attraction as soon as they enter the water.
Price: 3.99

XL Sweetcorn 340g


XL Sweetcorn has been specially selected for fishing with the perfect size, texture and sweetness.

Can be used either by direct hooking or hair rigging.
Price: 1.99

Frenzied Hempseed Ground Bait


Frenzied Hempseed Match Original

A highly active fine groundbait that doesn't over feed the fish in your swim. Brillant when used on it's own or as an ingredient to add extra activity to other groundbaits. This versatile groundbait can be mixed dry or damp to create different breakdown levels and can be used with both pole and feeder. The ideal base for any silver fish mix whatever the venue.

1kg Bag
Price: 3.99

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