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Colmic Amtea Surf


NEW for 2018

Colmic Amtea Surf 2 piece surf rod

Very powerful and ideal for rough ground work.
4,10mt (100-300gr)

Dead lift weight of 5k but please watch the video as this monster of a rod will lift more.

List Price: 169.99
Price: 150.00

Italcanna Dynamis FSH


Dynamis FHS 4.5m 100-150g

The first three-piece fishing rod designed to make the most of casting from Off the Ground to the classics side, above. A series of rods pointed to achieve the maximum distance ... The birth of the Dynamis project starts with the will to find the perfect combination of action that would allow a rapid and powerful loading with both Ground style castings and traditional fishing castings. With this logic, after a meticulous research and a careful collaboration with expert long casting agonists, we achieved many unexpected results in this model. The Dynamis consists in two distinct models: - The FSH with a sensitive tip (Match) is a powerful and suitable rod for every type of casting, including ground up to 5.3 oz or side in the range 3.5-6.1 oz. Its main characteristic is the great versatility, the sensitive tip and the power butt. - The OTG (Off The Ground) presents an innovative action that doesn’t despise other types of casting but is particularly dedicated to the ground, where it comes at its best with leads in a weight range that goes from 4.2 to 6 oz as shown by the excellent results obtained in the long casting scope. In side or above castings the OTG version can be used in a 4.9 – 8.8 oz range. When the OTG is exploited in platform castings you can assume some more meters than in the FSH model, but with the traditional castings these results could reverse. The FSH is therefore much more versatile and addressed to fishing also thanks to the greater sensitivity, while always retaining an almost unchanged distance performance. Both models are made of high modulus carbon and other materials, in three sections slightly asymmetric, with lengths determined by precise choices that lead to better express all their considerable power. The joints are stable and secure with the patented Rewtaper Italcanna system that guarantees countless changes without problems. Fuji reel seat, rubber handle terminal and soft-touch coating for better a grip on the left hand, we also use an antislip paint on the joint to aid the removal of the elements even with wet hands.
Price: 399.99

Italcanna Terranova


Terranova 100-130g 4.9m

Though slim and lightweight, this rod provides plenty of backbone and optimum casting power, making it ideal also for competition anglers. This model was developed by combining our design expertise with inputs from a team of expert casters who field tested the rod action making the most of the dynamic properties of the new materials. Like all high-level fast-action rods, the Terranova is designed to pre-compress the butt section making a better use of the left-hand leverage. This results in a softer feel and smoother casting action, although the energy stored in the blank is much greater than in other similar rods. The rods in this range achieve casting weights of 100/120 for the 130g model, 130/150 for the 170g model and 150/18 for the 220g model. Built with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, this rod has the first two sections constructed from HR-HM carbon with satin finish, while the butt section is reinforced with woven carbon up to the cap to better protect the underlying fibres from shocks and scratches. The rod features a Fuji reel seat and is coated with a high-grip finish to ensure a firm hold in any situation. The full range is now available all 3 section supplied with bag
Price: 299.99

Italcanna Vector C3


Vector C3 4.35m

Italcanna has produced along with the help of some of Italy top tornament casters the new Vector series entirely computer designed and repeatedly tested on various casting fields by some of the worlds top casters including our own Lee Adams who helps Breakaway and Italcanna to test and promote these fantastic rods, all who have used and tested these rods comment on there lightness and power. To testify all this there are also the two recent Italian Records that had been unbeaten for over 10 years. The Vector is able to deliver outstanding performances through the use  of high quality materials, which also makes possible a new record of lightness in this rod’s category. The tip’s stability during casting is another point of strength. The various models differ as follows: Model A4 - the most powerful, suited to the top casters using 170 plus leads Model B4 -an excellent tornament rod for the less powerful but capable of huge distances in the right hands. Model C3 - is a very good casting rod with lighter tip ideal all-round fishing rod,  All rods can be used for all the weights provided by the LC discipline. The rod is fitted as standard with light and thin Minima guides to avoid unbalanced weights and to improve an aerodynamic brake.
Price: 415.00

Vega Dynasty 14ft 100g-270g


Vega Dynasty 14ft 100-270g Surf Rod

Medium-high range surf casting rod produced in HMC - High Modulus Carbon with low resin concept, and equipped with Fuji LR alconite guides. With very powerful, stiff blank and reinforced joint areas, it's able to cast weights as high as 270g. Its hybrid top section, with solid carbon tip, ensures high sensibility to bites and preserve sensitive baits during casting.

Features -

  • Length 14ft (4.2M)
  • Casts 3-8oz (100-270g)
  • Optimum weight 5oz
  • 3 piece
  • Fuji low rider guides
  • Fixed Fuji reel seat
  • Tapered handle at the butt      
Price: 219.99

Anyfish Anywhere GB FS-Pro14ft


Anyfish Anywhere GB FS-Pro    

Length: 14'

Casting weight: 125 - 200 grams

UK Sea angling with a fixed spool reel has been revolutionized in the past 5 years by the massive influx of European tackle, with 3 piece Continental style rods for dedicated fixed spool use becoming increasingly popular.

Many anglers have reassessed how they fish and what they fish with and every year more and more fixed spool reels appear at a lot of UK marks.

However, not all areas of our coastline are blessed with golden sandy beaches and zero tide, and if you fish one of those areas using a three piece continental rod things can start to get a bit tricky. Those continental rods, as their name implies, have been designed predominantly for fishing in the Mediterranean and therein lies the problem

The Mediterranean Sea has a tidal range of about 3 feet, so this is what the continental rods are designed for, to cast and fish a very small, almost non-existent, amount of tide with tapered mainlines from .16 -.22mm (6-10Lb) with pyramid leads. The famous Cod and skate mark of Battery point at Portishead on the Bristol Channel has a tidal range of 47 feet, so .4 -.45mm (20-25Lb) mainlines and big grip leads are the order of the day.

So we have designed a rod that can be used around the whole of the uk, and not just a few spots on the south coast: rock, kelp, cliffs, piers & beaches, winter to summer the new 14’ GBFS Pro can handle the lot, just like our other red label rods, but this time SPECIFICALLY for the fixed spool angler.

Where many people go wrong, is in thinking that a fixed spool rod and multiplier rod are designed the same way, they are not.

The differences are huge: the way you hold and load the rod when casting; the feel of the rod is different, as is the way it is held when reeling in, and the pressures on the wrists and arms due to its balance are all taken into account.

We have addressed all these points when designing and making this high end fixed spool rod, from scratch; this rod is not the 13’ 7” Match PRO rung for fixed spool.

This rod, as with all our rods, is simply explained in its name: 14’ – the length, GB - British style rod - FS the rod is a fixed spool design - PRO the range it is part of.

Price: 454.99

Anyfish Anywhere Match Pro13' 7"


Anyfish Anywhere Match-Pro

Length: 13' 7"

Casting weight: 125 - 175 grams

We have been making beach rods for over ten years we are pleased to say that during this time those rods have been used by many of the worlds finest international match and beach anglers; catching great numbers of fish and winning matches both around the world and in our UK  waters.

But In all that time, we have never made rods specifically for those anglers, for the elite of our sport, for the best of the best.

The new Match Pro is that rod. Its the ultimate expression of ‘designed for purpose’ in modern competetive sea angling and is the first in a new series of groundbreaking sea angling rods. We have called it the Match Pro because it is what we consider to be the worlds first truly  Professional standard beach fishing rod. Made with the very best materials, feature high end Fuji fittings and are hand built to an exceptional standard.

So what have done?

By the introduction of a new material that is both flexible and rigid in equall measure we have managed to produce this rod and keep the weight down to a minimum and construct it with a lower diameter of under 24mm that has helped us to make a rod which we have  given the characteristics for casting and fishing whilst in a frenetic situation when the fish are feeding

So hows it made up?

First and foremost this rod is designed as a multiplier rod and at 13 7 it is built to deploy bait to the horizon, with 175 gm lead being its favourite casting weight. 

It will also fire 150gm and will it soak up and load  200gm with a slight adjustment to technique and timing when the conditions arise.

The tip is fast and delivers a lead beautifully using the mid section of the tip to hold it all together and give crispness and speed under load.

It is designed to compliment the tide when sat in the rod stand and sits perfectly between 45 and 90 degree when the tide is in full flow

The butt section through to the mid section has been constructed to allow the angler to push into and through the rod, this is either done slowly or quickly depending on the style of casting whether aerialized or ground cast.

It is quite simply THE best match fishing rod we have ever made, and is a true Professional standard rod.

Price: 444.99

Vega Potenza Elite 4.2m 100g-270g


Potenza Elite 4.2m 100g-270g

This rod has been built using high modulas nanoflex carbon which gives you a rapid and progressive action with a hybrid carbon tip.

The Elite has a very low diameter butt section at 19mm and 10mm at the base of the tip Section meaning that this lightweight rod is great to handle and can be used by any angler.
This rod comes with equipped with Fuji Guides, reel seat and underwrapping.

The Vega Elite looks and feels as it should for a top quality surf rod.

Price: 199.99

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