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XP line Phantom 300m


XP-Line Phantom is a transparent monofilament with a high dicroic factor which makes it completely invisible in the water. Other important features are high abrasion resistance and knot strength, united with softness for good presentation of the bait. It is suited to use either on a reel or for construction of terminals or handlines, in both inland waters and the sea. Parallel wound to eliminate mechanical torsion.

0.30mm / 8.5kg / 300m
Price: 3.95

XPS Longcast 1200m


A new long casting monofilament, designed for surf casting, manageable, smooth and silicon coated with a low stretch. High Visibility orange fluorescent colour. The spool is a high value 1200 meters but a 20 cm black band comes up every 150 meters, so it can be possible to know very accurately how many meters has been spooled.

1200m / 0.355mm / 15.7kg / 34.81lb
Price: 36.99

XPS Match Pro


Crystal clear colored. Another version of line introduced in late 2005 that have been claimed as one of the best long pole and fishing to hand monofilament ever produced. The new ceramic technology launched by the T-Force laboratories has immediately encountered the approval of all anglers worldwide, as it gives an incredible knot resistance and linear strength. It is recommended as mainline for long pole and line to hand fishing, as well as for the rig making. The ceramic coating also seal completely the nylon core making it 100% waterproof without increasing the diameter, like happen usually with the normal silicone coatings. Another evidence of the superior technology of the T-Force laboratories, that have been always years ahead of the competitors.

0.309mm / 12kg / 26lb
Price: 9.99

XPS Surf


This new Surf Casting monofilament have some new and important features. The light pink colour used allows to easily detect the line, which is extremely important on this kind of fishing. In the meantime the light pink became barely visible under water, helping in all the situations with suspicious fish. We used a special manufacturing process which makes this line totally safe from saltwater, even after long use. Totally memory free and smooth, this line will make it possible to reach extreme casting distance.

0.25mm / 7kg / 15lb
Price: 5.50

XPS Velvet Procast


Specially developed for Surf Casting competitions, it’s produced in an intense, warm yellow colour which is quite visible both under daylight and during the night, when the head lamp allows to immediately find the real direction taken by the line.

Extremely soft, velvet skinned thanks to silicone treatment and without memory, it flows easily out from the reel’s spool, allowing long casts and preventing the inexpert user from creating line tangles.

On the knot side, it’s easy to pull tightly, even in larger diameters: on the hook’s shank as well

as on shock leader it creates neat and small knots.

Price: 8.00

Asso Super Flourocarbon


Key features

  • The Latest Development in Fluorocarbon
  • Higest Quality 100% Fluorocarbon
  • Super Smooth
  • Maximum Strength
  • Virtualy Invisible in water


Asso Super Fluorocarbon is our highest quality fluorocarbon.

Most fluorocarbons are stiff and brittle, however Asso Super Fluorocarbon is very soft and supple, you may not believe it is 100% fluorocarbon just by looking at it!


Used by anglers around the world for a number of years Asso super fluorocarbon is one of the best lines in existence.


Suitable for Sea, Carp, Fly and Match fishing, this is one of Asso's biggest selling lines and should be the choice of any serious angler.


Available on 50 meter spools

Price: 9.99



Ideal for leaders, snoods, running line, memory free an all time classic amongst some of the best anglers in the world
available in  4 colour's, clear, red, black and green and in breaking strains to suit everyone
Price: 2.99



Tapered monofilament especially for surf-casting. Exceptionally resistant to abrasion
and traction. The last 15m of this special monofilament are tapered on both
sides to act as a flexible coupling leaders so that in the event of prolonged use
or breakage of the tapered leader the monofilament can be rewound backwards
onto the reel to give a perfect monofilament with tapered leader with flexible
coupling again. It is knotless to eliminate the chance of breaking
under tension.
Price: 10.99

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