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Our products

Asso Classic 4oz spools
Key features Our Standard Quality Line Outstanding Knot and tensile strength High Impact Strength Superior Abrasion Resistance Low Stretch Factor Long Durability High quality materials and many years of knowledge coupled with modern production techniques mean that Asso Classic is a very good quality line at an amazing price! Not to be confused with many other budget lines on the market, Asso Classic is a strong, reliable, durable line suitable for all types of shore and boat fishing. Asso Classic is a very versatile line that is used all over the world.
Asso Oblivion Memory Free Line
Key features Ultra Soft and Supple Memory Free Super Smooth 100M and Bulk 4oz Spools Available in Clear Asso Oblivion has been specially developed as a hook snood material. Being very soft and supple with no memory means Asso Oblivion is the perfect choice for any hook snood. With breaking strains from 15lb upto 30lb Oblivion is ideal for most kinds of Sea fishing. Knots in Oblivion are small and neat as its softness lets them tie perfectly every time. Available in Clear on 100M Bangles
Asso Tapered Line 220m
Asso Tapered Line is a very smooth shock leader, able to absorb stress during the cast. It changes color every 25 meters (white, blue, yellow and red) in order to get the launch distance under control, and consequently return to fishing in the desired position. It is particularly suitable for sea fishing and surfcasting.
Asso Ultra Low Stretch
Fluorocarbon Coated low Diameter High Tech Co-polymer.300m spool Asso Ultra Low Stretch is a low stretch nylon monofilament line which offers superb strength combined with a low diameter. It has a fluorocarbon coating which gives it a super smooth finish which helps to reduce friction and give longer casts. The coating also reduces water absorption to give consistent strength throughout your fishing session. Asso Ultra Low Stretch is perfect for use on fixed spool reels and the low diameter allows you to achieve spectacular casting distances.
Cinnetic Tapered Leader
CINNETIC Surf taper lines are the answer to the modern competition anglerís desire. The elongation level of line is very low. It allows transmitting the full casting power to the rod when casting. This feeling can be quite strong depending the rod action and power. For that reason we recommend to use finger protection when casting. Following the big success of Cinnetic clear tapered lines
Asso Ultraflex

Asso UltraFlex 55yds


Asso UltraFlex has been specially engineered to offer a top quality Rig body and Shock leader material.


Ultra Flex is very soft and supple yet maintains strength and abrasion resistance.


With breaking strains from 20lb upto 80lb ultraflex is ideal for any kind of rig body from light lines for continental rigs upto heavy rigs for fishing big leads over rough ground.


Ultra flex offers excellent knotting, making it the perfect choice for shock leaders.

Yuki FD 3G Line
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Yuki FD 3G New Evolution

Monofilament line that has no mechanic memory and avoids spiral deformity. Pink colour and invisable underwater, this soft co-polymer has a special coating that provides a high UV and abrasion resistance. High Knot strength. Perfect for sea and freshwater fishing. High strength low diameter.
Asso Tapered Shock Leader
Asso Tapered Shock Leaders 5x15 are tapered shock leaders designed to achieve longer casts and at the same time with the ability to absorb stress during the cast. It is offered in three different colors, two of which, fluorescent yellow and orange, are high visibility colours. It is particularly suitable for sea fishing and surfcasting.
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