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Italcanna Terranova
Italcanna Terranova
Terranova 100-130g 4.9m

Though slim and lightweight, this rod provides plenty of backbone and optimum casting power, making it ideal also for competition anglers. This model was developed by combining our design expertise with inputs from a team of expert casters who field tested the rod action making the most of the dynamic properties of the new materials. Like all high-level fast-action rods, the Terranova is designed to pre-compress the butt section making a better use of the left-hand leverage. This results in a softer feel and smoother casting action, although the energy stored in the blank is much greater than in other similar rods. The rods in this range achieve casting weights of 100/120 for the 130g model, 130/150 for the 170g model and 150/18 for the 220g model. Built with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, this rod has the first two sections constructed from HR-HM carbon with satin finish, while the butt section is reinforced with woven carbon up to the cap to better protect the underlying fibres from shocks and scratches. The rod features a Fuji reel seat and is coated with a high-grip finish to ensure a firm hold in any situation. The full range is now available all 3 section supplied with bag
Price: 299.99

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