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Italcanna Dynamis FSH
Italcanna Dynamis FSH
Dynamis FHS 4.5m 100-150g

The first three-piece fishing rod designed to make the most of casting from Off the Ground to the classics side, above. A series of rods pointed to achieve the maximum distance ... The birth of the Dynamis project starts with the will to find the perfect combination of action that would allow a rapid and powerful loading with both Ground style castings and traditional fishing castings. With this logic, after a meticulous research and a careful collaboration with expert long casting agonists, we achieved many unexpected results in this model. The Dynamis consists in two distinct models: - The FSH with a sensitive tip (Match) is a powerful and suitable rod for every type of casting, including ground up to 5.3 oz or side in the range 3.5-6.1 oz. Its main characteristic is the great versatility, the sensitive tip and the power butt. - The OTG (Off The Ground) presents an innovative action that doesn’t despise other types of casting but is particularly dedicated to the ground, where it comes at its best with leads in a weight range that goes from 4.2 to 6 oz as shown by the excellent results obtained in the long casting scope. In side or above castings the OTG version can be used in a 4.9 – 8.8 oz range. When the OTG is exploited in platform castings you can assume some more meters than in the FSH model, but with the traditional castings these results could reverse. The FSH is therefore much more versatile and addressed to fishing also thanks to the greater sensitivity, while always retaining an almost unchanged distance performance. Both models are made of high modulus carbon and other materials, in three sections slightly asymmetric, with lengths determined by precise choices that lead to better express all their considerable power. The joints are stable and secure with the patented Rewtaper Italcanna system that guarantees countless changes without problems. Fuji reel seat, rubber handle terminal and soft-touch coating for better a grip on the left hand, we also use an antislip paint on the joint to aid the removal of the elements even with wet hands.
Price: 399.99

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